The year is 1987, and eminent diversion engineer Ray Pinter has a problem: his mind has been wired to explode in one hour. In a fully interactive theatrical experience, audience members navigate Ray through a live-action adventure game, giving him commands as he confronts futuristic technology, supernatural antagonists, and his own personal demons. Combining the best aspects of interactive fiction and live theater, BrainExplode! is an ambitious new form of storytelling that will resonate with anyone who has ever been drugged, kidnapped, and given an hour to prevent their brain from exploding.

 Presented by Sneaky Snake Productions at The Brick’s Game Play Festival, July 2011.

“At the risk of sounding over dramatic, BrainExplode! represents a new standard from which all game influence theater must be judged upon.”

“A genuinely immersive experience…I’ll be standing in a room with exits to the north, south, and southwest, waiting patiently, desperately, for this show to be remounted.”
-Aaron Riccio (

“Delightfully tongue and cheek, BrainExplode! offers what the best games always do–a chance to play.”
-New York Theatre Review