Suspicious Anatomy

The definitive guide to the horrifying world inside you-finally available in lush, illustrated paperback!

In the tradition of John Hodgman, David Cronenberg, and H. P. Lovecraft, The Human Cranius explores an alternative anatomy at once mesmerizing and deeply unsettling. What do we know about our own bodies? (The answer: Very little.)

The modern human sciences may have given us the keys to our unconscious minds, but they’ve left entirely to the cold, uncaring laboratory the most vital workings of our bodies.

What does it feel like to have guts? To face disease, age, mutation—a self that is not only not whole but not even on its own side?

The Suspicious Anatomy series seeks to address these physio–psychomological quandaries by producing, for your benefit, the entire unconscious of the body, the shadow-self, in words and elaborate images.

Inside The Human Cranius, you’ll find: