Suspicious Zoology

A wildand possibly totally spurious ride through the exciting (and often dangerous!) world of animals with TV’s own Sebastian “Bass” Knobloch, host of EnviroChan’s hit show, Whoooa there, don’t pick ‘er up by that, she looks—OH, YEAH—RADICAL ANIMALS!!

This helpful Pet Gazette can help you, the Young Pet Adventurer and “Friend” to the Animals, learn more about animals, how and when (and when not) to keep them as pets, and more! Though mostly those first things! If you’re new to the wacky world of animals, okay! It’s okay. We’ll discuss everything slooowly, and there will be pictures. The animals detailed in Suspicious Zoology:Uncommon Friends include The Rollerbeest, The Hollermite, The Yam Whale, The Soft Sell Crab, The Daxovore, The Pinball Lizard, The Mangonel Ant, The Dusk Girdle, and the invisible Elephance.