The Dark Heart of Meteorology

A barely-multimedia presentations–part lecture/slideshow, part happening–about natural disasters, large and small. Amid concerns about global warming and an uncertain future, Franklin Elijah White is traveling across the country on an increasingly quixotic and personal journey. Aided only by a slide projector and assorted meteorological equipment, he has a simple message: The weather is going to kill us all. Every single one of us.

The Flea Theater, July 2008.
 Philadelphia Fringe Festival, September 2009.
 UNDER St. Marks, October 2009.

The Dark Heart of Meteorology is a delight, featuring a tour de force performance by the fine indie theater actor Richard Lovejoy and an exciting introduction to the work of talented playwright Stephen Aubrey.”
– New York Theatre Review

“The show manages to keep the laughter rolling at an almost feverish pace.”
-Theater Knights